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Key Facts

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Policing & Council Tax

I took the decision to raise the policing part of the council tax by 1.99% in the 2016/17 year in light of the financial challenges that lie ahead. This equates to an additional £3.48 per year for the average (band D) household. Having consulted extensively over the last year, I am confident that the majority of residents across Avon and Somerset are in favour of an increase. While I will continue to gauge local opinion on the matter, we have based our medium term planning assumptions on an annual 1.99% increase in the policing part of the council tax over the next four years.

Revenue Expenditure by Main Type of Spend

Commissioning and Grants

I have developed a Commissioning and Grants Strategy which sets out my approach to commissioning services and outcomes for the communities of Avon and Somerset. As part of my approach…

I will:

  • Undertake effective planning so we have a clear rationale for commissioning activity with resources allocated according to need
  • Work with the market to enable optimum service delivery and put in place proportionate and transparent commissioning and outcomes monitoring
  • Remain outcome focussed so I know the impact we are having on service users and communities while maximising the positive social and environmental impact we have in delivering services
  • Work in partnership with other commissioners on shared outcomes and issues of joint priority

Supporting the delivery of this Plan will be approximately £3m of funding for community safety projects and services. This will include grants to support the victim and witness care unit ‘Lighthouse,’ youth crime and substance misuse services, a wide range of victim support services as well as the new Mental Health Control

Room Triage arrangement. There will also be further joint funding with local partners to support victims of CSE. In addition, the Commissioner’s Community Action Fund, administered by the Police Community Trust will continue to support voluntary and community sector projects. For further details please visit the PCC website.