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Protect the most vulnerable from harm

Protecting the vulnerable is not the responsibility of a single organisation. As your Police and Crime Commissioner, I want to be a fierce advocate for victims and ensure the most vulnerable are protected.

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Strengthen and improve your local communities

As your Police and Crime Commissioner, I want to ensure that the police and partners are working together to build strong, resilient communities, tackling crime and disorder, and protecting vulnerable people.

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Ensure Avon and Somerset Constabulary has the right people, right capability and right culture

We’ve begun a journey to ensure Avon and Somerset Constabulary better reflects the communities it serves. It’s absolutely right that your police service is inclusive and attracts, retains and develops the best talent from across our communities.

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Work together effectively with other police forces and key partners to provide better services to local people

I plan to work with other Constabularies and other public sector partners to: share estates and enabling services and make savings for reinvestment in priority areas; transform the criminal justice system locally into a criminal justice service; and support delivery of this Plan.

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National Threats

These threats are to national security, public safety, public order and public confidence and are of such gravity as to be of national importance or can only be countered effectively or efficiently by national policing capabilities.

While treated separately, many of these threats overlap. They are:

  • Serious and organised crime: Serious and organised crime also includes serious crimes which demand a national coordinated response, notably cyber-dependent crime and cyber-enabled crime and online CSE
  • A national cyber-security incident which may require an aggregated police response under the guidelines set out by the UK’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-UK) with appropriate links to the National Crime Agency (NCA), civil contingencies and public order policing as needed
  • Threats to public order or public safety that cannot be managed by a single police force acting alone
  • Civil emergencies that require an aggregated response across police force boundaries
  • Child sexual abuse: whilst this is not a threat to national security, it is a threat of national importance. Its potential magnitude and impact necessitate a cohesive, consistent, national effort to ensure police and partners can safeguard children from harm. CSE offences that are attributed to serious and organised crime, including those which take place online, will continue to be captured under the existing serious and organised threat in the SPR
  • Terrorism threat to the UK from international terrorism has increased and is currently assessed as severe